First and foremost: Thank you SO much for supporting us from the get-go! You're part of a special family of VIP Flora fans that have first dibs on the Flora Pod. This means you will have direct input on suggesting product improvements and suggestions, and I'm excited to hear all about it!

Connecting your Flora Pod

UPDATE: Our instructional video is getting updated at the moment and should be up soon! In the meantime, we've provided instructions below:

Step 1 - Please download our private, secure TestFlight build:

NOTE: TestFlight is an app provided by Apple that allows you to test private app builds.

Step 2 - Click on the Flora Pods icon in the upper-right section of the Plants Tab:

Step 3 - Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking on "Connect Flora Pod"!

If you run into any issues, please let us know ASAP through either the in-app chat (found in the bottom right, or your profile tab), or 
reach out to our team at