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Plant Focused Technology

We take the guesswork out of caring for your plant babies by learning exactly what they need. Flora Pod’s patent-pending sensors use a 3-layered machine learning model to give you instant insights into vital stats like moisture levels, humidity, temperature, and light. Plus, you'll get recommendations on things like fertilization, repotting, soil mixes, and more within our iOS app!

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Wireless smart sensors for any plant, farm, or garden

Flora was designed with the plant enthusiast in mind: Affordable, simple, and beautifully designed.

Built for Plants

Our sensors will be completely waterproof and dirtproof (per IP67 protocols). Come rain or shine, our sensors will weather it out.

Long-lasting Battery

Our battery lasts for approximately 4 weeks on a single charge. Recharge your sensors in as little as 2 hours to keep it running for another month.

Powerful Data Visualizations

Flora's web and mobile apps provide you with AI-driven, species-specific alerts, benchmarks, and indicators.

Community of Plant Buds

Flora provides an active community of gardeners, plant enthusiasts, and newbies that are all about nurturing growth.

Monitor your plants wherever, whenever through our mobile app

Powerful Sync and AI

Got a specific strain or species you want to connect to a sensor? Our database will automatically detect proper thresholds and data for that plant and let you know how your plants are stacking up.

Realtime Reporting

Never miss an alert that could save your plants. Get real-time stats on all of your sensors, connected to a plant of your choice.

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Set benchmarks and custom alerts

Our mobile iOS app allows you to setup specific thresholds for alerts related to ambient temperature, soil moisture, soil temperature, humidity, light, and more. Setup the thresholds you need to ensure Flora has your back.

Gather insights through our analytics and dashboards

Our sensors gather multiple data points several times every hour to gather data that you can then take action on. Our smart charts and visuals make it easy to:

Know when to plant

Know when to add or remove nutrients

Know what environmental factors to optimize

Know when you need more or less water

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We're currently closing up our first batch of preorders that will roll out in Sep, 2022. Depending on supply chain conditions, all subsequent batches may have to wait until Nov-Dec 2022 for delivery. All orders are shipped from the United States and we offer shipping internationally as well!

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