Care Guides for Taff's Gold

Every 5d

Recommended Frequency

1 /2 cup of water

Recommended Amount

The Taff's Gold is accustomed to moist woodlands and prefers to have excellent drainage with consistently moist soil. When the top two inches of soil feel dry to touch, it is time to lightly water your plant.

Every 30d

Recommended Frequency

Fertilize your Taff's Gold plant once a month during spring and summer using a diluted liquid fertilizer.

Partial Shade


Partial shade is achieved when your plant is able to receive between 3-6 hours of direct sunlight per day. These hours of sun exposure should occur during the early hours of the morning, this will relieve your plant from...

Every 730d

Recommended Frequency

Repot or divide your Taff's Gold Plant once every two years or once it outgrows its pot.

50° - 75°

Loamy Soil

Recommended Soil

Peat Soil is an acidic soil that retains a lot of moisture and slows decomposition. Due to such a high moisture retention this mix may require irrigation to help with draining. This soil type is best used when paired wit...


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